How to start loving yourself again?

by in Blog, Mental health, Spirituality September 25, 2020

If you are struggling with self-love and  low self-worth, know that you most certainly are not alone. 

We are have a human mind, and we as humans are usually to critical of ourselves that’s why it’s pretty easy to fall  into the habit of negative affirmations without even realising.

These may seem familiar to you: “I’m a failure!”, “I don’t deserve this!”, “I hate my body!”, “I am angry at myself!”, “Why is this happening to me?!”.

Too often we get stuck due to our own personal limiting beliefs and behaviours.

The cause of these limiting beliefs is FEAR.

So how do we shift limiting beliefs into limitless beliefs?

I have a solution that may help you!

The solution is to ACT AS IF.

Self-love affirmations could be what’s needed to switch up your mindset and the vibes you’re putting out into the universe.
The more you practice affirmations for self love, the greater your self belief will grow. 

Loving yourself is the greatest and most transformative gift you can give yourself. No matter your past, you have the power to love yourself entirely & unconditionally now. 

Listening to this video at least once a day for 21 days will reprogram your mind give you the gift of complete self-love.

Have you tried practicing positive affirmations for self love?

Tell me your favorite self love affirmations in the comments!

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