How to start loving yourself again?

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If you are struggling with self-love and  low self-worth, know that you most certainly are not alone.  We are have a human mind, and we as humans are usually to critical of ourselves that’s why it’s pretty easy to fall  into the habit of negative affirmations without even realising. These may seem familiar to you: “I’m […]

Bali Travel Diary | 12 days of adventures

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Bali has a lot to offer! Beautiful beaches, delicious food, historical temples, scenic nature and so much more. We spent 12 day exploring this perfect little getaway island. Our travel itinerary includes Canggu, Ubud, Nusa Penida, Uluwatu and covers some of Bali’s top must see attractions. If you are traveling to Bali soon and you […]

3 easy Ways to improve Flexibility

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A lot of people dream about being more flexible but never really try to achieve those dreams. What about you? Do you ever make time for regular stretching or yoga? For most of the woman, making enough time to exercise can be hard enough. They don’t even think about taking some time for a proper […]

Traveling to Sri Lanka – 17 days travel itinerary

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We knew almost nothing about Sri Lanka until our friends shared their experiences with us. We booked the trip on a spur of the moment impulse after seeing some amazing photos that they took. This is the first time that we were on our own, so far away from our country. But I must say […]